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Facebook how to activate followers and how to follow on facebook

This video will show you how to activate your facebook to allow followers. We will also cover some privacy settings as well as how to follow someone. We also…

32 thoughts on “Facebook how to activate followers and how to follow on facebook

  1. I can’t see follow thing.. I only see Notifications, & Mobile. But No Followers.. :(

  2. This works for me…

    Change your birthdate to 1987 or 1994
    then save settings.. after doing that refresh the page then re log-in.

    Done !

  3. I can’t, I have to contact facebook to do that… FUUUUUUCK YOU ZUCKERBERG!!!

  4. …go to ur timeline and click ABOUT and check the year of ur Birthday if *199something*…just change it into 1994….and after that go to ur Account setting and u will see the FOLLOW BUTTON>?XD

  5. when I click on who can see my posts it doesn’t say public and don’t have a bit were it says followers

  6. go on your profile. where friends, photos, map & all that stuff is just below the cover photo, clock the down arrow & u’ll see “followers”. click on FOLLOWERS to see whu your followers are……alos just go to your profile & type in /followers….facebook.com/username/followers

  7. all lisen all must go on setting adn klick you birtday and upp 18 iam 12 i cant

  8. that’s because you’re not 18. change your birth date and then you need to go to a facebook page, well i can’t post the link here, so if you want it then inbox me

  9. I don’t have the “Followers Comments”.
    There is no way to save the “Turn On Follow”, whatever I do it is always OFF, regardless of the browser I use.

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